Print Resources

Traditional Focus:

ABC for Book Collectors by John Carter

Illustrative dictionary
technical, historical & contemporary book terms
+Time period
: 15th century – 2004
+Free copy
: Online PDF
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Contemporary Focus:

The Century of Artists’ Books by Johanna Drucker

Critical, theoretical & historical overview of 200+ artists’ books
contextualization, book structure, book form, and conceptualization
+Time period
: 20th century
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Skies of parchment, seas of ink : Jewish illuminated manuscripts by Marc Michael Epstein

Illustrated survey of Jewish illuminated manuscripts that investigates the history of Jewish iconography & its overlap with other religious traditions
Calligraphy & illumination, history of the book, international iconographies, manuscripts
+Time period
: Middle Ages – 21st century
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The Changing Book: Transitions in Design, Production, and Preservation by Nancy E. Kraft & Holly Martin Huffman

Selections from the 2005 Changing Book Conference, including photos and illustrations
bookmaking, design, conservation, e-books, preservation, preservation programs, and print on demand
: 2008
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Japanese Bookbinding: Instructions from a master craftsman by Kojiro Ikegami

Instruction manual for traditional Japanese bindings and cases
binding structures, folding boxes, suppliers of tools & materials, and substitution suggestions for scarce materials & tools
: 1986
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The Penland Book of Handmade Books: Master classes in bookmaking techniques by Penland School of Crafts

Illustrated masterclass tutorials on historical & contemporary book structures
book artist’s bios, box construction, folded structures, furniture, pop-up structures, reduction printing, sculptural forms,
: 2004
+Related resource : Penland School of Crafts links
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Papermaking: the history and technique of an ancient craft by Dard Hunter

Illustrated history of the development of paper from China to the West
chronology, handmade paper, machine-made paper, trade map, materials, methods, molds, tools, treatment, and watermarks
+Time period
: 250 BCE – 21st century
+Free copy : Google book
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Structure of the Visual Book by Keith A Smith

Illustrated interrogation of the book form and viewers’ experience by breaking down and sequencing conceptual parts
Artists’ books, book composition, and image layout
: 2003
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A Short History of the Printed Word by Warren Chappell & Robert Bringhurst

Illustrated history of type and publishing in the Western world
Typography, printing, private presses, and electronic fonts
+Time Period
: 8th century BCE – 21st century
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Journal of Artists’ Books JAB by Brad Freeman

Forum for discourse on relationship between artists’ books, book arts, poetry, literature and art
artist interviews, artists’ statements, book & exhibition reviews, conference commentary, and interdisciplinary practices
+ Time period
: 1994 – ongoing